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A skin that radiates with health and highlights our individual beauty is something we are all searching for.

After spending many years and countless hard earned dollars trying to find a solution for my families sensitive skin, I decided to create my own!

My passion to find the most effective combinations of pure, sustainable ingredients has led to creating this exciting range of beneficial skin care that I know you will love using as much as we do.

If you’re visiting our page, then I’m sure you’re aware of the deficiencies and potential damage of synthetic products that are available on the shelves today.  The Illuminate Bodycare range of skin preparations has been created with natural and effective products to help deliver the results you want.

Environmentally friendly and without the use of animal cruelty our hand made products take the benefits of antidotal essential oils, herbs and raw ingredients to create skin care that is a pleasure to use.  Our ingredients are carefully selected for their skin enhancing properties and contain nutrients which contribute towards healthier skin.  Using the finest cold pressed oils, nut butters and essential oils to hand craft our products, you will experience the delight of illuminated skin with the benefit of aromatherapy.